"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11

"I can say that i really do live like I am dying and its good to live that way. You live to the fullest, you live honestly and you don't miss any opportunity that comes your way and you shouldn't, I don't."- Courtneylee

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

~Missing So Many~

I took Ryan to the airport on Saturday morning for him to fly into San Antonio, Texas for his EMEDS. Ryan is ( like I have told you) in the medical field with the Air Force so this is training for "if" he was to be deployed, this would be similar to a hospital he would be working in a field somewhere. He's been in a hospital tent and studying different things he wouldn’t normally see where he works in the hospital now. So I have been all by myself in beautiful Alaska, well, I have my sweet baby Spencer that has been so wonderful. I have the sweetest dog ever; he is so humble and precious. I have stayed busy recording all of our shows that Ryan’s missed, cleaning the house, exercising, playing with Spencer, working and cooking for one instead of two. I couldn’t imagine my life alone with out Ryan, even though he is only gone for a week; it’s like your missing something all the time. I have missed everything big and small not having him around, I can not imagine my life with out him and I thank God for that everyday. It has been so nice talking to my family on Skype and staying included in family time. Harrison and I have stayed busy playing peek-a-boo on Skype, while be fed through a computer with the family. I miss them every moment of everyday; its so wonderful to have the appreciation for small and big things and not taking one second of any minute forgranted with the ones you love. I can say that i really do live like I am dying and its good to live that way. You live to the fullest, you live honestly and you don't miss any opportunity that comes your way and you shouldn't, I don't. Im posting some pictures of the ones I miss, I love you all and I am so thankful for the love and friendships we share, I couldn't ask God for one more thing, that would only be selfish, people pray for what we have, and I am ever so thankful. I love you!  <3 Courtneylee

My Sweet beautiful Family

My best friend and Husband

My In-laws and brother in-law & husband

My sweet nephew who keeps me in touch !!

Baby Spencer

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Eva Foundation

I am very excited to announce that I will be the spokeperson in platform use for the EVA FOUNDATION for Mrs. Alaska United States. I am very excited to work with this organization and to help grow such a powerful charity in any way possible. Visit their website if you would like to donate or see how you could be a part of the Eva Foundation aswell . Here some info from their site :  www.evafoundationalaska.org/


Quote: Abuse affects families in all income brackets. Most victims are women who find themselves in the untenable position of choosing between a financially secure yet abusive relationship and freedom from abuse at the cost of loss of financial support.

According to the statistics provided by the Anchorage Police Department, victims attempt to leave their abusers seven times on average before making a permanent separation. We want to make it easier for abuse victims to start independent lives by providing esteem building goods and services to help them find jobs, seek normal relationships or just reenter society.

The Eva Foundation board members are volunteers who have joined together to provide amenities to all victims of abuse: male and female, young and old, in Anchorage. End Quote.
***Update: Looks like the pageant dates are moving forward.
     Waiting for the new date at anytime, still ready and excited.***             -Courtney

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Looking back, playing with time, these are some thoughts of my sissys, that just came to mind:


Looking back on memories, i remember when it was just you and me, you were my nanelle and i was your wittle coco, my first of many sissys. I remember your toy box and we sat in to play, we loved our cabbage patch dolls, you nursed your first bay-bay. You loved it when i twirled your hair so tight to fall asleep, but you never could say much we shared a room, it was then just you and me. Our velcro leashes at the mall to keep us connected yet i was always breaking loose, our red playset in our backyard where you and I would play duck duck goose.. Our bycicles with streamers and spindles on the tire, i followed you everwhere, for you i always had to admire. I loved all of our moments even when we were lazy, or entertaining company in the kitchen singing momma hes crazy. You have always made me so proud, like you I wanna be, and I will always look up to my nanelle...my only big sissy!!


The world isnt kind, but yet the stars are so blind. That day it seemed to clear, shoka mahala was past another year..monkey bars and white bunkbeds, where we hung out for the night - shouting out randomness when i thought you were sleeping you never were right... . The cabinet was open, no lauren to be found, but yet ...under the sink, there she hung around. A Mouth full of dishwasher soap was yet tastey and small, until she had to stand in the cornor with her O-Kosh over-alls. She bought all my wallets, and no money to fill, so she had to loose a tooth for the fairy just to collect a bill. Poo wiittle wo-wo has been my partnew in crime, i thank you for all the memories that will never be left behind.


My baby, My twin, My wittle heart with in.I can read your mind before you speak, i can finshed your sentence and make you weak . We have always shared so much the same, you and I connect a way that people cant explain. I remember when i held you for the very first time, it wasnt for long, for in moms lap was where i lied. You are beautiful and outgoing with a heart full of love, a best friend and a sister, with arms always ready to hug. We share so many memories, like grammys house at night, you and i would scare eachother rar-ing all through the night. You have always been there for me, understanding and so true, your beauty is deeper than the eye can see, in your eyes, in your heart and pooring out of you. I will never forget your dance you did- please do it forever young lady, because like the song and in real life, you will always be my baby...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Last Frontier !!

I wanted to share some pictures of where I am in Alaska so you could see Gods beauty I see daily !! This winter hasn't been as bad as the last but were struggling to get rid of ALL the snow we have and jump up to some normal weather. A couple weeks ago it was 30 degrees and this week its been 15, hoping to see all the beautiful colors of Alaska in the summer. Summertime in Alaska has 20 hours of daylight, winter is the same with darkness of course. Hope you enjoy the pictures !!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Upcoming Visitors & Events

On May the 9th, Ryan and I will be celebrating our 2nd Wedding Anniversary ! !
-May: The 27th and 28th is the Pageant dates. I also just  found out this week that my parents are coming up to watch me for a couple days.
- June : Vickie and Scottie Anderson will be coming to stay with Ryan and I.
- July : Danielle, Matt and my nephew Harrison will be coming to stay with us.
- August: We will be coming home for our summer visit !
- December : We will be coming home for Christmas

* I will continue to update calendar

Mrs. Alaska USA 2010 Contestant

Well along with dipping my toes everywhere I can, I have decided to be a contestant in The Mrs. Alaska United States Pageant 2010. I am so excited to be apart of this pageant. I am really excited just to be involved and meet wonderful woman aswell as the over all experience. The pageant is May 27th and 28th of 2010 and I can not wait.

I am beginning to find myself busy in work outs, photo shoots, dress shopping, bathing suit shopping and more. I love one more thing in life to be excited over or to keep me busy. I have become friends with two wonderful woman so far. I have had the opportunity to meet some of my other contestants with me and have become friends with Renee Scott, she is the current Mrs. Alaska. She has been such a positive person and friend and I look forward to spending more time with her. There are a few girls that belong to my church, The Anchorage Baptist Temple, that are in the pageant aswell so I look forward to meeting head strong Christian woman.

I am posting some of my headshot that were takin the first of March by PS PHOTOGRAPHY, it was so much fun. Rachelle Powers and Tracy Skipworth are the photographers and they were so much fun to work with. They actually belong to my church aswell. Check out my pictures on their website at http://www.psphotographyalaska.com/  The day we did the shoot, we just found out that they were asked to be the official photographers of the Mrs. Alaska Pageant. Im so excited.

I will keep you updated on all of our upcoming events and news.

Our Careers

Ryan is working at the hospital in Pediatrics. He continue to study medicine and really enjoys working with children. He shines so bright when he works. Its so neat to see him so happy. Its so exciting to love what you do, makes life exciting each and everyday. I myself have found my passion in my career. I work for ABC News Alaska ( The Alaska Superstation ) where I work as an Account Executive in the marketing/advertising. I have always had a passion to be infront of the camera, which I still do, but I must say, I absolutely would do my job forever. Thats exciting!!

Our New beginning

Thanks to my big sister Danielle who introduced me to blogging; here it goes. Well life has been wonderful in our long honeymoon in Alaska. I have fallen in love again with this beautiful state. Looks like I will be having alot of visitors over the next few month. Im so excited to be starting this website, I have so much going on, and being so far away, this is a great way to keep you in touch.

Ryan and I are doing so wonderful. I couldn't ask God for anything else. God has completely changed our lives in so many ways. Its so exciting to wake up every morning and see all of Gods beauty in life and this state, and see what He has in store for us next. Theres alot to cover in catching up, I hope you enjoy it!