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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Decorating . . . My love

Living on a Military base, your home your given is either very nice or not nice at all. We have lived in both. When Ryan and I first moved into our first house in Alaska, we were sad at what was given to us but greatful that this was going to be our new home as a newlywed couple. Well, we lived there for about 10 months before we were flooded out of our house with sewage. It was AWEFUL !! It was only in the basement but that also was our laundry area along with storage area so we did loose alot in damages. Homeowners insurances Rocks !! They Air force was so kind and full of apologies and said that they would make it up to us. So in a 24 hour period, we moved !! It was tough, hard and unexpected but we did what we had to do. The Lord blessed us with the nicest house. Its really cute. We have more than we could ask for with it being only Ryan, Spencer and I. We have 3 bedreooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, dinning room, extra room and kitchen....did i mention 28 foot Ceilings?? Thank you Jesus !! So since then, we have turned this house into our home. Its so frusterating living in a military house because the walls are white and you can paint them, but then you have to paint them back....it is too much to do and too much money waisted especially since were here for only 18 mos. I am posting some pictures - we have rid of all of our old furniture and everything is new....In fact ( I am surprising Ryan with a 52" this weekend) But here are a couple of NEW pictures, I wish I had before pics but i dont.
There is a island bar that connect the kitchen to the dinning room,
you cant see it in this pic but you can in the first one
Yes I know my hair looks amazing !!

I have the rest of the house to show you too....They will be added later !!
Ohh I also wanted to share what a fabulous cook I have become !!


Tow Towld

Spoiled? Nahhh !!

Also The Moose are out and ready for some vistitors !!

This one was napping in the backyard ....so sweet !!

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